What is Global Market Access for Electrical and Electronic Products

Global Market Access (GMA) is the process of evaluating, testing and certifying a product to local mandatory regulations enabling the sale of that product into global markets.

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The Complexities of Global Market Access Explained

In most countries, products containing wireless functionality, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID, are subject to meeting local Radio Certification requirements. The process often consists of a paperwork submission to the country’s local Certification Body by compiling either the manufacturer’s existing CE (European Union) or FCC (United States) test reports and supporting technical file documents. However, some countries do not accept foreign test data, requiring manufacturers to send samples to local laboratories for testing, inspection, and evaluation.

Additionally, Radio and Non-Radio Electrical and Electronic products may require a mix of Product Safety and EMC certifications depending on the country of interest and product type.

Simplifying Global Market Access: How Global Validity Can Help

Understanding and identifying the applicable global requirements for a product can be frustrating and time-consuming.

At Global Validity, we are committed to being your reliable guide for a predictable certification journey. With more than 30 years of testing and certification experience, Global Validity’s staff and network of global partners provide you with unparalleled access to expertise, advocacy, and insight into 200+ countries and territories globally.

Our Global Market Access Expert Services

Your Global Market Access (GMA) specialists answer questions, provide informative quotes, and collaboratively manage projects with in-country stakeholders to reliably deliver country certifications so you can sell globally.

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