We know what manual process and middleman drain feels like….

Those days are over!

We were founded out of a passion to support the growth and accessibility of innovative wireless technologies around the world.

Until now, country certification requirements were expensive barriers that limited manufactures ability to access global markets. The result, millions of people do not have access to today’s life-changing wireless products.

We set out to transform the Global Wireless Certification industry by connecting device manufactures and country certification service providers through a revolutionary digital market platform.

Our innovative approach has streamlined the global certification process saving the wireless device industry millions of dollars annually which may now be re-directed back to core development efforts.

Teams that Work

Global Validity Teaming Together For You!

We are seasoned regulatory industry experts who have spent years working in a middleman role between wireless device manufacturers and actual country certification suppliers. This experience provided us with a unique understanding of “how-to” unlock supplier direct value. Our innovative “purpose-built” global certification platform, Access Manager, is truly revolutionary, and the team at Global Validity is excited to introduce it to you!

If you still have questions we'd be happy to schedule a phone call or virtual meeting to discuss the aspects of the platform.
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