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Where technology and people meet to deliver a predictable country certification journey.
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Global Validity specializes in obtaining mandatory country certifications for device manufacturers. We prioritize project control and security to get your products to market faster and with less risk.

The Difference

Our tech-enabled GMA experts use Access Manager, a proprietary platform, to manage your country certification projects with the highest level of efficiency, ensuring predictable certification outcomes.

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Whether you're looking to expand your business globally or bring new products to a single market, we're here to help. Contact us today to achieve your global market access goals.

About Global Validity

We are your trusted certification partner – recognized by Fortune 500 companies as an industry leader in providing transparent and efficient Global Market Access (GMA) services for over 200 countries & territories around the world.

As the reliable guide for a predictable certification journey with more than 100 years of testing and certification experience, Global Validity’s staff and network of global partners provides you with unparalleled access to expertise, advocacy, and insight.

Combined Years of Regulatory Experience
Access Manager

We've raised the bar for Global Market Access services

We re-imagined the global certification process by creating multi-directional connections between products, technical file management, and certifications, all while enhancing control over every project detail.

Complete transparency, collaboration, and total project control over the global certification process in 200+ countries and territories.
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Technical File Management

Smart document storage with version management featuring bi-directional connection to products, projects, and certifications

Instant Quote Requests

For regulatory certifications in 200+ countries and territories

Organized Project Requirements

Verified document, sample, and test requirements with real time technical file review status

Launch Date Tracking

Customizable country by country certification scheduler to track application milestones ensuring on-time completion

Live Project Status Report

Document upload progress views, sample shipping updates, real-time application status, verified estimated completion dates, and more

Certification Management

Exportable reporting features, automated expiration notifications, and instant renewal request capability

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Real People. Efficient Processes. Reliable Results.

All project details are securely stored, organized, and ready to support additional countries or renewal if expiring. Whether you are interested in a single country or the entire world, our GMA experts will identify and deliver the certifications required.

Radio Type Approval
Product Safety
Telecom Certification
EMC Certification
RoHS / WEEE Equivalent

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Device manufacturers around the world trust Global Validity

We have devoted significant resources to creating the most efficient and transparent process for managing product certification in the industry. Allow us to manage your global certification projects so you can focus on core business needs.

Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated GMA experts have years of experience in obtaining mandatory wireless and non-wireless country certifications, including type approval. We employ modern tools that enable prompt and precise action, ensuring on-time project completion.

Trusted by 25,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.