The Importance of Proactive Global Product Compliance

When global product compliance is an afterthought, manufacturers run the risk of not meeting international requirements that may result in launch delays, additional testing costs, or even a product redesign. Engineers that have experienced this pain typically do not repeat it. They understand the value of a detailed compliance strategy that proactively prepares the manufacturer for unforeseen regulations that may affect compliance that may affect their ability to sell into global markets. 

Early Stage Development: Key to Effective Compliance

The most effective compliance strategies are developed in the very early stages of product development and should be considered before tackling those Tier 1 countries like the US (FCC), Canada (IC), and EU (CE). It is mission critical that products are designed to meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements globally as the rules and regulations differ in each country.  

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Global Certification

Certification Beyond Testing: Essential Steps

In many cases (almost all cases for wireless devices) manufacturers will need certification in addition to testing in global markets. Depending upon the country, product type, technology, etc the process can be long and require the expertise of a third-party service provider. Some of the country specific topics manufacturer’s should consider early in the development phase include: 

  1. Applicable certification requirements (radio, safety, EMC, chemical, etc.) 
  2. Testing requirements including local test standards, sample and configuration requirements 
  3. Technical file requirements including the applicable EU/FCC test reports  
  4. Country specific frequency allocations based on the products intended wireless technology  
  5. Family approval vs. per model acceptance 
  6. Costs, lead times, and label requirements 
  7. Additional considerations, risks, and dependencies

Partnering for Seamless Certification

Working with Global Validity: Your Comprehensive Plan

At Global Validity, we work closely with manufacturers and our qualified in-country certification partners to create a comprehensive plan that ensures products move through the certification process seamlessly. Our detailed compliance strategy provides an actionable deliverable that can be used throughout product development and EU/FCC testing to confirm reports and technical documentation align with global expectations.  

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