Thailand: Reminder of Updated Labeling Standards for Personal Computers and Devices

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) in Thailand has announced new labeling standards for personal computers and related equipment, effective November 1, 2023.

Key Requirements

Language: Labels must prominently feature Thai, with optional foreign language information. 

Detailed Information: Labels must include: 

  • Type of goods 
  • Manufacturer’s name or trademark registered in Thailand 
  • Name or trademark of the importer or orderer 
  • Country of manufacture (for imported goods) 
  • Location of the producer or importer in Thailand 
  • Size, dimensions, quantity, volume, or weight 
  • Product details (screen size, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, OS) 
  • Usage instructions and recommendations 
  • Date of manufacture 
  • Information on product development, production, and spare parts 
  • Quality guarantee period, spare parts reserve, and service center contact information (if applicable) 

These standards aim to enhance consumer awareness and protection by ensuring comprehensive product information, fostering transparency, and supporting informed decision-making. 

Businesses involved in manufacturing, ordering, or importing personal computers in Thailand must comply with these standards as they were effective November 2023. Non-compliance may lead to regulatory implications and stakeholders are advised to ensure swift compliance. The official guidelines document can be accessed here.  

Quick Country Facts


Certification Body: National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)

Certification Type: Mandatory

License Validity: Indefinite

Application Language: English

Legal License Holder: Available with Access Manager

In-Country Testing Requirement: Available with Access Manager 

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