Saudi Arabia: New Regulations for IMT Spectrum Bands

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced a comprehensive regulatory framework for the use of spectrum bands dedicated to International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT).

These bands, which are crucial for delivering high-quality wireless broadband services, are recognized for their significant economic value. To ensure global harmonization, these spectrum bands are identified in accordance with ITU Radio Regulations. 

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Regulatory Framework and Objectives

The new regulatory document outlines the specific IMT spectrum bands and establishes guidelines for their use within Saudi Arabia. Key components of the document include: 

  • Access Regimes: Details on the available regimes for accessing the spectrum. 
  • Assignment and Licensing: Clear regulations for assigning and licensing the spectrum bands. 
  • Enforcement: Provisions for enforcing the regulations and ensuring compliance. 
  • Additional Regulations: Other relevant regulations to support the optimal use of the spectrum. 

Read the full document here

Quick Country Facts

Saudi Arabia

Certification Body: Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC)

Certification Type: Mandatory

License Validity: 24 months

Application Language: Arabic

Legal License Holder: Available with Access Manager

In-Country Testing Requirement: Available with Access Manager 

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