Panama: ASEP Allocates New Spectrum for International Mobile Telecommunications

The National Public Service Administration (ASEP) of Panama has made significant strides in the allocation of spectrum for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) following Public Consultation No. 002-2021.

This decision, reflected in Announcement No. 19090-Telco issued on April 1, 2024, introduces new bands for personal communication services and cellular mobile phone services. 

New Spectrum Bands

According to ASEP’s announcement, the following spectrum bands have been allocated for IMT services: 

  • 1427 to 1518 MHz: Designated for n50. 
  • 2300 – 2385 MHz: Assigned for n40. 
  • 24.25 – 27.5 GHz: Designated for n258. 

Migration Plan & Impact

In addition to allocating new spectrum, ASEP proposed migration plans for existing allocations. For segments 2300 to 2385 MHz, a migration period of twelve (12) months is proposed. Meanwhile, for segments 24.25 to 27.5 GHz, a longer transition period of twenty-four (24) months is suggested due to the higher number of allocations in this spectrum range, attributed to a single dealer. 

This allocation proposal aims to provide mobile operators with over 2800 MHz of additional radio spectrum. This increased spectrum availability is expected to empower operators to extend coverage to suburban and rural areas, accommodate the growing demand for data traffic on mobile networks, and enhance the variety and quality of services offered at competitive prices. 

To review the original announcement, please review the link here.


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