Mexico: IFT Announces Mandatory IFT Seal for Approved Products

The IFT has made it official: the IFT Mark is now a mandatory requirement for homologated products.

On December 26th, 2023, Mexico’s Telecommunications Regulator ‘IFT’ published their official guidelines for the mandatory use of the IFT Seal on approved telecommunications and broadcasting products.

This development reinforces the requirement for IFT marking and provides clarity on its implementation. 

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IFT Seal Guidelines Approval Process

The guideline underwent a meticulous approval process, including public consultation from August to October 2023. It outlines how to implement the permanent marking of the IFT Seal, with vector graphics available directly from the regulator. 

Under Article 38 of the Homologation Guidelines, IFT marking is now a mandatory requirement for products with a certificate of homologation. The institutional logo further strengthens this requirement. 

Implementation Requirements

When it comes to implementing the IFT Seal, specific guidelines are in place: 

  • The IFT Mark must be incorporated alongside the existing “IFT: XXXXXXXXXXXXX” marking, either vertically or horizontally. 
  • It’s essential that the IFT Seal is printed in 100% black or 100% negative black, ensuring clear visibility without the need for magnification. 
  • Approved products must prominently display the “IFT” prefix and include the Certificate of Homologation number alongside the IFT Seal. 
  • Importantly, the use of the IFT Seal is limited to the valid period of the Certificate of Homologation for the approved products. 

Note: There are little to no exceptions for this update. Refer to Article 38 of the homologation guidelines for specific cases where labeling may not apply.

Timeline for IFT Seal Requirements

  • A transition period of 180 days begins from the day of publication in the official gazette. 
  • The regulation will exclusively apply to products certified after the enforcement date. Therefore, any product with a Certificate of Homologation obtained before this date can continue using the existing “IFT XXXXXXXXX” marking. 
  • This flexibility also extends to Type A certificates, which will be adjusted in accordance with the new PEC guidelines. 

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