Indonesia: Telecom Device Certification Drafts Regulating Domestic and Overseas Labs

Aligned Laboratory Designation for Telecommunication Devices Certification through SDPPI

For years, the Minister of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia (KOMINFO) has practiced unilateral laboratory designation towards overseas testing labs for telecommunication devices certification. This approach aimed to expedite certification processes and reduce lengthy queues.

However, the limited recognition of specific test labs has sparked concerns as non-designated labs face exclusion from certification processes, impacting their businesses. 

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Challenges and Regulation Draft

The absence of an application process for lab designation left many labs at a standstill, unable to attain recognition from KOMINFO/SDPPI. However, a positive shift emerged in early November when SDPPI introduced a regulation draft addressing both domestic and overseas laboratory designation for telecommunication devices certification. This draft, subject to public consultation, aimed to regulate testing for both local and overseas labs. 

Key Points from the Draft Regulation

KOMINFO’s publication NO. 445/HM/KOMINFO/11/2023 highlights significant aspects of the regulation draft: 

  • Establishment and criteria for Domestic Test Centers 
  • Application and evaluation processes for Domestic Test Centers 
  • Determination and obligations of Overseas Test Centers 
  • Routine supervision and control of both Overseas and Domestic Testing Centers 
  • Repeal of previous regulations governing Domestic and Foreign Test Centers recognition.

To learn more about the update, please visit this link from the KOMINFO.

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