Indonesia: Overseas Telecommunications Certification Process Update

The Indonesian Directorate General of Posts and Information Resources & Equipment (SDPPI) has introduced a significant update to its telecommunications equipment certification process.

Through Decree Number 109 of 2024, issued on March 27, 2024, SDPPI recognizes a new set of overseas test centers, enhancing the certification framework for international manufacturers. This update is a part of Indonesia’s broader initiative to modernize and streamline its telecommunications certification process. 

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Key Highlights of New Regulation
  • Recognition of Overseas Test Centers: SDPPI has identified and approved various international test laboratories to conduct certification tests for telecommunications equipment. This move aims to streamline the certification process for manufacturers outside Indonesia, making it more efficient and accessible. 
  • Effective Dates and Transition: The decree is active from April 1, 2024, until December 31, 2024. It replaces the earlier Decree Number 11 of 2021, signifying a modernization in regulatory practices to keep pace with global standards. 
  • Compliance with Testing Standards: The recognized overseas laboratories must adhere to stringent testing parameters and standards set by SDPPI. This ensures that all certified telecommunications equipment complies with Indonesia’s regulatory requirements, maintaining high-quality and safety standards. 

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Quick Country Facts


Certification Body: Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika Republik Indonesia (SDPPI)

Certification Type: Mandatory

License Validity: 36 months

Application Language: English

Legal License Holder: Available with Access Manager

In-Country Testing Requirement: Available with Access Manager 

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