India: MTCTE Extension Date for Mandatory Certification Products

Within India’s MTCTE scheme, encompassing Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment, there are 44 products designated under Phases III and IV. However, the date for mandatory certification has been extended by three months for 12 specific product types, shifting from January 1 to April 1 of the current year 

These 12 product types include  

  • Base Stations and Repeaters for cellular networks (Phase-III) 
  • Smart Electricity Meters (Phase-III) 
  • HF Radios and VHF UHF Radio System Equipment (Phase-IV) 
  • LAN Switches and Routers (Phase-IV) 
  • IP Security Equipment (Phase-IV) 
  •  Satellite Communication Equipment (Phase-IV).  

It’s noteworthy that the original deadline of January 1 remains unchanged for the remaining 32 product types in Phases III and IV. 

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