Don’t Miss this Indonesian SAR Requirement Update from SDPPI

Implementation of SAR Testing in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Certification Body, SDPPI, has announced implementation dates for in-country SAR testing requirements.

The following devices are required to test locally for SAR if the device operates 20 cm from the body and has a transmit power of more than 20 mW.

SDPPI has not yet qualified a test lab to carry out SAR testing but plans to do in 2024. Applicants/manufacturers will be granted a 2-year implementation period to meet the above SAR requirements. During this time, manufacturers may be asked to submit SAR reports issued by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with their certification application. In addition, the applicant/manufacturer must submit a letter stating the applicant intends to have the product tested locally by an SDPPI accredited laboratory by a specified date. The applicant must submit the local SAR test report within 2 weeks of the report being issued to avoid cancelation of the current certificate.

SDPPI plans to adopt the following standards:

   1) IEC/IEEE 62209-1528

   2) Head: EN 50360 or equivalent (IEC62209-1)

   3) Limb & Body: EN 50566 or equivalent (IEC62209-2)

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