Frequently Asked Questions

At Global Validity, we understand that navigating the world of Global Market Access can be a complex and daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you in understanding our products and services to  deliver a quality customer experience.

Global Validity specializes in obtaining mandatory country certifications for device manufacturers in over 200 countries and territories. We prioritize project control and security to get your products to global markets faster and with less risk. 

Global Validity was founded by a team of TIC (testing, inspection and certification) industry experts who recognized the need for a more efficient, transparent and collaborative approach to Global Market Access management. Now, we are a trusted certification partner recognized by Fortune 500 companies as an industry leader in providing GMA services for over 200 countries and territories globally.

Access Manager is a cloud-based solution providing end-to-end management of every aspect of your Global Market Access process, from requesting quotes and placing orders to managing projects and tracking certifications. 

Access Manager tech-enables device manufacturers and GV project managers with cloud-based technology that automates the country certification process. The key is utilizing a common set of tools that transparently keeps all stakeholders on the same page. Project management features allow our customers and project managers to seamlessly work together throughout the entire process.

Our experts leverage years of testing and certification experience along with innovative technology to transparently deliver global market access services on time and on budget. Your Global Market Access (GMA) specialists answer questions, provide informative quotes, and collaboratively manage projects with in-country stakeholders to reliably deliver country certifications so you can sell globally. 

We recognize that people and technology make the difference. We tech-enable our customers and our GMA experts with  Access Manager, a proprietary platform, to manage your country certification projects with the highest level of efficiency, ensuring predictable certification outcomes. 

It’s simple. With real people, technology and efficient processes, we create reliable results.  

As our client, all project details (communication, documents, reports, certificates) are securely stored, organized, and ready to support additional countries or renewal if expiring. Whether you are interested in a single country or the entire world, our GMA experts will identify and deliver the certifications required. 

As the reliable guide for a predictable certification journey with more than 30 years of testing and certification experience, Global Validity’s staff and network of global partners provides you with unparalleled access to expertise, advocacy, and insight.