Partner Spotlight: Elite Electronic Engineering

At Global Validity, we partner with leading service providers throughout the testing and certification industry to help our valued customers round out their compliance solution.  

Elite Electronic Engineering is renowned for delivering the highest quality EMC/Radio services to their clients. Our collaboration with Elite spans over five years, during which we have fostered a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. 

Our introduction to Elite came through a shared customer who approached us to collaborate on a test report required for country certification. From the moment we began working together, we were profoundly impressed by Elite’s team and their unwavering commitment to cooperation, dedication to technical competency and surpassing customer expectations is remarkable. Recognizing that Global Validity shares this same focus, Elite acknowledged the potential for a compelling solution when both companies collaborate. 

Elite Electronic Engineering Partner Spotlight Graphic
Founded in 1954, Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc. is a full-service electromagnetic compatibility/ interference (EMC/EMI), environmental stress, and photometric testing laboratory.  

They are the premier test provider for the aerospace, military, automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, and telecommunications industries. 

With over 65+ years of testing experience, Elite is recognized worldwide as a leader in product qualification, compliance testing, and consulting services. Few laboratories offer their combination of expert engineers, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge test facilities. The 75,000+ square foot laboratory is home to over 80 technical and support staff all in the largest independent automotive EMC Test Lab.  

Together, Global Validity and Elite Electronic Engineering strive to provide our customers with an exceptional compliance solution by combining our expertise and shared commitment to excellence. 

Learn more about Elite Electronic Engineering’s capabilities here and visit their website here. 

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