Brazil: ANATEL’s Public Consultation on WiFi 6 GHz Frequency Band Update

On April 28th, ANATEL initiated Public Consultation No. 29/2024 which focused on limiting the operational frequency band of WiFi 6 GHz in Brazil.

Proposed Frequency Band Changes

The revision of Item 11.7 of Act 14448 outlines the technical requirements for assessing the conformity of restricted radiation equipment. The proposed updates seek to restrict the WiFi 6 GHz band (impacting WiFi 6E and WiFi 7) from the current range of 5925-7125 MHz to a narrower band of 5925-6425 MHz. The purpose of this change is to allocate the 6425-7125 MHz range for future International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) systems, reducing spectrum interference. 

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Consultation and Act Timeline

The public consultation is open until August 6th, 2024. ANATEL will then review the contributions, make necessary updates, and publish the Final Act. The exact date for the release of the Final Act will depend on the number of contributions received during the consultation period. 

Key Changes to Act 14448

Addition of Items and 

  • Access Points must initially limit operation to the 5.925-6.425 MHz band. 
  • Remote firmware updates to enable the 5.925-7.125 MHz band can only be made available if ANATEL changes the technical requirements. 

Addition of Item 

  • Spurious and out-of-band emissions must be evaluated within the 5.925-6.425 MHz band. Emissions outside this band must not exceed an RMS power spectral density of -27 dBm/MHz. 

Addition of Item 11.7.13: 

  • 11.7.13: Access Points must be able to adjust their operating range limits through remote and automatic firmware updates. 
  • The firmware update functionality must be enabled by default in factory settings. 
  • Applicants for approval must declare that the Access Point can adjust its operating range limits remotely and automatically. 

ANATEL encourages stakeholders to participate in the consultation process to ensure the final regulations meet industry needs and public interest. For more details, please refer to the official letter here

Quick Country Facts


Certification Body: Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (ANATEL)

Certification Type: Mandatory

License Validity: 2 or 3 years (Depends on Scheme Application to the Product) 

Application Language: English

Legal License Holder: Available with Access Manager

In-Country Testing Requirement: Available with Access Manager 

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