Brazil: ANATEL’s Latest Updates on Safety and IPv6 Standards

ANATEL has issued three new Official Letters concerning the updated Safety standard (Act 17087) and the new IPv6 standard (Act 7971).

463/2023 & 466/2023

Official Letter 463/2023 provides additional insights into the upcoming enforcement of the new Safety standard, Act 17087/2022, starting on December 27th, 2023. Key points include: 

  • Laboratories previously authorized for testing under the old Act 950 will automatically be authorized for testing under Act 17087 until December 14th, 2024, owing to their similarities. 
  • ANATEL will temporarily waive the requirement for visual inspections by the laboratory, as outlined in item 11.2.1 of Act 17087, for test reports issued until March 27th, 2024, although the requirements remain obligatory. 

Please note that Official Letter 466/2023 addresses a typographical error in Official Letter 463/2023. 

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In Official Letter 464/2023, ANATEL grants permission for laboratories already authorized to conduct IPV6 testing to perform testing in accordance with the new Act 7971, given their similarities, until December 14th, 2024. 

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