Brazil: ANATEL Announces New Test Procedure and Requirements

ANATEL issued Official Letter 429/2023 last week, formally affirming its updated procedure for test reports.

The letter confirms that all test reports, whether conducted within Brazil or abroad, must comply with Act 4083’s requirements, including the provision of traceability information.  

Moving forward, it is not possible to accept test reports done abroad before the OCD can validate the traceability of the letter and approve testing.  

Due to this new information, foreigner laboratories must only start testing only after OCD approval. 

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Under item of Act 4083, it is required that prior to commencing the test, the manufacturer or applicant is obligated to officially notify the OCD (ANATEK Certification Body) of the following:

I – The specific manufacturing unit responsible for producing the sample; and

II – The traceability details regarding the submitted sample for testing.

Adapting to Revised Guidelines for Telecom Approvals

The resolution outlines the preferential certification models for various types of products, emphasizing the need for different approaches based on product usage and market applications. Notably, products massively used by consumers, like Access Terminal Stations (ETA) and Cellular Telephones, require certification due to consumers’ limited technical and safety knowledge in handling these items. 

Considering potential interference in the radio spectrum due to differing frequency band regulations among countries, the resolution stresses the significance of certification for radio frequency emitting products to maintain telecommunications service provision integrity. 

To adapt to these revised guidelines, the resolution approves an updated Reference List of Telecommunications Products. It specifies adaptation periods for previously certified products and outlines conditions for maintaining Homologation Certificates.  

Please read the entire resolution linked here for an entire list of products.  

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