Botswana: Type Approval Exemptions

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) recently released a Type Approval Exemption List.

Note that in August 2023, the BOCRA communicated the original list of equipment exempt from type approval as stated below:  

  • Personal computers, laptops, tablets, IoT etc. (embedding WiFi transceivers, Bluetooth transceivers, provided the Wi-Fi transceiver, Wi-Fi5 CERTIFIED) 
  • Receive-only equipment (FM/MW/SW radios, TV, satellite set-top boxes, decoders) 
  • RTTE embedded in vehicles (Blue tooth, navigation, remote sensors, car keys, etc.) 
  • ITU-marked GMPCS mobile satellite terminals
botswana pointed out with green pointer on blue world map

Care should be taken to ensure that RTTE operates in regulated frequency band. Requirements and deadlines remain the same. 

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