Bahrain: Type Approval Specifications and Advancing Connectivity Projects

Bahrain is making significant strides in technological and connectivity advancements, driven by various initiatives including updated type approval specifications and IoT projects.

New Technical Specifications for Type Approval

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has released the “Technical Specifications – Requirements for Type Approval.” These specifications cover a range of applications, including medical devices, RFID, ultra-wideband devices, and more, ensuring that the country’s technological infrastructure meets international standards. 

Download the entire official document here.  

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Major IT Projects and Infrastructure Upgrades

The Governance Committee, under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Al-Qaed, CEO of the Information and e-Government Authority, recently approved IT projects worth 4 million dinars. Key projects include the development of Bahrain’s national geographic information base and the enhancement of infrastructure for geographic information systems (GIS).  

These initiatives aim to improve data quality and decision-making processes through advanced technologies like GEO AI and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Additionally, the redesign of Bahrain’s national portal and government app is set to enhance user experience, aligning with international web standards and the United Nations e-Government Development Index. 

Partnership to Enhance AI and Technological Innovation

A strategic partnership between the Information and e-Government Authority and the Nasser Center for AI Research and Development has been established to boost AI and tech innovation. This collaboration focuses on expanding research, exchanging expertise, and promoting joint projects. It aims to create an advanced environment for AI research and foster economic growth by enhancing public-private cooperation. 

The partnership with the Nasser Center for AI also opens up significant opportunities for students to engage in AI research and applications across various sectors, including education, health, and industry. This initiative is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to compete in the modern labor market, thereby contributing to societal progress and technical advancements. 

These initiatives reflect Bahrain’s commitment to advancing its technological infrastructure and connectivity. By implementing new technical specifications, approving significant IT projects, and fostering AI innovation, Bahrain is positioning itself as a leader in technological advancements in the region. The country is enhancing its digital infrastructure to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet and reliable connectivity, ensuring a future-proof technological landscape.  

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